Jordan Fawcett – Laughter Yoga

Jordan Fawcett – Laughter Yoga

Hello, I’m Jordan and I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and I am fully insured, DBS checked and First Aid Trained.

I have a strong yoga practice and have practised many types of yoga for some time including hot yoga, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga. 

 I heard of laughter yoga and didn’t know anything about it so I went to try a class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it was so effective so I decided to take it further and learn to teach it.

Laughter has endless health benefits. 

•    It increases our oxygen levels to the body and brain, 

•    releases our serotonin levels meaning laughter is a natural antidepressant

•    releases endorphins meaning laughter can relax the whole body, improve sleeping and laughter is a natural painkiller and can temporarily relieve pain.

•    Laughter is good therapy for people suffering depression and/or anxiety.

•    Laughing engages our core muscles and tightens the abs (however you’ll need to do a lot more than just laugh to get a six pack!) 

Plus many more health benefits.

Laughter yoga consists of breathing and stretching exercises followed by child-like play and laughter exercises. This generates real laughter which can become contagious and infections leading to genuine prolonged laughter. 

The session ends with a laughter meditation to relax our bodies and mind. Any stresses and strains will fade away at least for the duration of the session and will leave you feeling happier.

People often ask ‘what if I can’t laugh?’ well it has been scientifically proven that forced laughter has the same physical and mental benefits as real laughter. However as laughter is very contagious you are extremely likely to genuinely laugh for long periods during a laughter yoga class.

Look forward to laughing with you all!